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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The 2014 Reedy Truck Race Of Champions flyer!

Another of our signature annual race events is coming up this fall, and we are happy to present the official sign-up flyer for this year's Reedy Truck Race of Champions! Unlike the Shootout, this is a truck-only event that will bring out the best competition for Short Course and Stadium Truck racers of all ages. Regardless of your skill level, there is a class for you to participate in and we expect all of our racers will have a great time, at this two day event, October 4-5.

Click the image above to download a printable PDF file of the flyer, and get signed up early. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The 2014 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion flyer!

This year's Sidewinder Nitro Explosion is being held at the Heritage R/C Park in Chula Vista, CA. This annual event is a must-attend for serious Nitro racers! It's a two-day event, taking place on September 6th & 7th, with Friday the 5th being a practice day. Classes encompass Sportsman, Intermediate and Expert classes in Nitro Buggy and Truggy, as well as Electric 8th Scale.

Click this link for the printable PDF file and get signed up!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Friday (August 1st) is Racer Appreciation Night!

This Friday, August 1st, we will be having our monthly Racer Appreciation Night, here at the World Famous Hot Rod Hobbies! We will take $5 off each entry fee and free pizza will be provided to all of our drivers. We will also be giving away prizes, as usual. Come experience the difference that blue groove, high-traction racing makes on your lap times, as we're still running the track dry in the wake of the Shootout! Racing kicks off at 6:30pm, so come out and feel appreciated!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The 2014 Off-Road Shootout Results!

Every summer, racers from all over the country endure the sweltering Santa Clarita Valley heat to test their mettle at the world famous Hot Rod Hobbies off-road track, during the Shootout...but this year, mother nature relented and the weather was actually tolerable!

Things were every bit as heated as past years on the track, though...and we are happy to announce the new champions we've crowned for the 2014 Shootout. Congratulations to everyone who participated! For a complete breakdown of all main event results, click this link for a PDF file.

2wd Rookie: Dro Mousheghian (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Short Course: Martin Johnson (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Truck: Tyler Sweany (Podium Photo)
Sportsman Stock Buggy: Dayton Brown (Podium Photo)
Sportsman 4wd Short Course: Brian Sweany (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Short Course: Chad Nelson (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Truck: Wayne Wyrick (Podium Photo)
Super Stock Buggy: Zachary Rogers (Podium Photo)
Pro-2 Short Course: Jared Tebo (Podium Photo)
Pro-4 Short Course: David Jenson (Podium Photo)
2wd Modified Truck: Ryan Cavalieri (Podium Photo)
2wd Modified Buggy: Jared Tebo (Podium Photo)
4wd Modified Buggy: Ty Tessman (Podium Photo)
8th Scale Electric: David Jenson (Podium Photo)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer is heating up, at Hot Rod Hobbies!

The new layout is in and we are now running dry track, blue groove racing on it! This Saturday is our monthly Racer Appreciation Night, where you can come out and get $5 off your entry fees and enjoy the customary perks of free food and prizes, along with the new layout and dry conditions. Tired of struggling to find traction in the wet? This is for you!

The Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout is just weeks away! July 19th and 20th, racers will converge on our blue groove masterpiece from all over the nation and even the globe. It will be a test of grit and driving skill, where the best off-road racers will attempt to place themselves amongst the pantheon of past Shootout legends. All skill levels are welcome to sign up to race and there will be something for everyone, so click the image above to download the flyer and get signed up!

The world famous Hot Rod Hobbies continues to find new ways to add excitement to club racing, with the introduction of the "Local Hero" series! Every two month club series will now have its own sponsors, who have agreed to donate prize giveaways and offer discounts to the winners of every class (those who complete the required five races in a series)! We'll also be giving away a new type of ABS sub-surface printed award plaque to series winners, courtesy of Upgrade RC.

"Local Hero" begins with the start of the July/August series. Click the image above to view the full series flyer!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shootout layout change & blue groove club racing!

After much consideration, we have decided to install the new track layout next Sunday, June 29th, so that it's ready for the Local Hero series as well as the 2014 Off-Road Shootout. The first race will have to be run wet, on July 1st - but after that, we will run the track dry through the Shootout and beyond! Please note that nitro vehicles will NOT be allowed to run on the very first night of the layout (July 1st) to ensure that the track comes in nicely. If the club racing turnouts continue to be good with the higher traction, blue groove conditions, then we will leave it dry all summer long...but if the turnouts slip, we will go back to running the track wet.

As always, we are looking for a few good men and women to help with the installation of the new track layout. Levi Jackson from SIK Track Designs will once again install the layout but Jimmy has chosen a sweet layout from the past to resurrect for the Local Hero/Shootout, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Upgrade Friday Night Under The Lights!

For this week's Friday Night Under The Lights club race, Upgrade RC wants to give back to the racers for all of their they're running this killer promotion that you don't want to miss!